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Pupkewitz Championships

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Leg 4 of the Pupkewitz Open Athletics Championships

Sport for All.

The Athletics Development Club will host its its Athletics Week in conjunction with the Pupkewitz Foundation from 12 to 15 December in Swakopmund.

Vice president and co-founder of the Athletics Development Club Jacqueline-Louise Snyders said the event will consist of a two-day training camp with eight of South African top coaches in the different disciplines. "We will also have an official course running at the same time as well as a Sports Photography Workshop with photographer Roger Sedres from South Africa who is the 2021 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) SA Sport Photograph Award winner."

After the two-day training camp, the final leg of the Pupkewitz Athletics Championships for 2022 which will be hosted over two days. "On 14 December we will have athletes from age 6 to12 and on 15 December we will have athletes from age 13 to senior with the Para-Athletes competing."

Snyders explained that the Athletics Development Club's intends to identify, train, and allow the athletes to develop their skills and compete in Namibia. "This year's Athletics week will be the biggest ever as it will feature eight coaches from South Africa, a Sports Photographer as well as approximately 15 athletes from South Africa who will also compete."

She said that athletes will only be allowed to take part in four items maximum. "The event will be open to all Namibia athletes as well as international athletes. We will keep the requirements at a minimum to ensure that all athletes have the opportunity to enter and compete. Entry Fee is N$70 per age group/per athlete. The first three places in each age category will receive a medal for the different events. The best athletes in their specific age groups will be awarded trophies."

The Athletics Development Club started in April 2021 with Hennie Horn and Snyders as co-founders. "During our first year, we wanted to host competitions in Namibia for athletes to compete throughout the year. The Pupkewitz Foundation came on board as the main sponsor for the four competitions that are held yearly at the coast."

Snyders encouraged interested athletes and spectators to take part and come up in number to the Athletics Week. "If you are an athlete or spectator, do not miss this. Food stalls (N$250 per day) will be available with a Christmas market to do your last Christmas shopping. Raffle Tickets will be sold with tons of prizes as well as an exciting Paper Plate Competition. the paper plates will be put on the grass for the winners to be picked and announced on 15 December. To find out more, come and support us, buy your plate and come see what the special show will be about."

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